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Links to presentations I've organized or spoken on.
Digital Domain
SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Business Symposium

Organized and chaired a day-long series of presentations on the Media and Entertainment business and how it relates to the Asian Markets.  Presenters representing Oriental Dreamworks, Pixomondo, BaseFX, Crytek, OMGPop, Polygon Pictures, Original Force, Cloudpic Global, Studio P3, Mindwalk Studios, and Fenwick & West.



"Solutions to Save the VFX Industry from a Declining Lifecycle"



"One-on-One with Scott Ross"


The Digital Production Pipeline

Organized a 2.5 hour session on Digital Production Pipelines from Dreamworks Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, MPC, and Post-Production as a whole.


Opened the session with a history of production pipelines.


28th IEEE Storage Conference
Issues in Large-Scale Storage and Computing Systems for Film Production

In this presentation and panel, we discuss the particular storage challenges that are present in Visual Effects and Animation production.  While the scale of storage is not nearly as "Massive" as Social Media providers, the complexity of problem is just as challenging.  I/O bounds, load balancing, and cache-killing random access are all key areas of focus for our internally created solutions.


Presented with Andy Hendrickson, CTO Disney Feature Animation and Wook, House of Moves

Darin Grant
Storytelling with a Camera and a Computer - Q&A with Roger Deakins, ASC

With nine Academy Award nominations and three BAFTA awards, 2011 ASC Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, is one of the world’s leading cinematographers. His over 30-year contribution to cinema as both cinematographer and visual consultant has helped to define how global audiences see moving pictures, from "Fargo" and "True Grit" to "Wall-E" and "Rango". This course offers a rare opportunity to hear him discuss his ideas and approach to both live-action and animated features.


Co-interviewed Roger Deakins with Carolyn Giardina from The Hollywood Reporter

Dennis Muren
High-Frame-Rate Cinema, Impacts on Art and Technology With Douglas Trumbull and Dennis Muren

Sponsored by Christie Digital, I participated in a panel with legends in the industry Douglas Trumbell, Dennis Muren, and Jon Landau about the pros and cons of HFR cinema.


Press coverage highlighted the discussion well:


VFX Supervisor
Monsters vs Stereo: How Stereo Affected Production on "Monsters vs Aliens"

This session tracks the impact of stereo from concept to delivery on the production of "Monsters vs Aliens", the first animated feature for which stereo was integrated into the primary filmmaking process. Discover the lessons learned and how stereo affected the production pipeline from art, story, and editorial to layout and animation, and finally to lighting and effects.


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